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[17 May 2010 | 5 Comments | ]

MyPhone may not be the best application on Nokia 5800XM, but it’s really a cool and popular app on your Nokia. Every time MyPhone update gives us a surprise. Now this time, MMMOOO gives us more choice into MyPhone with the same price, 12.99 USD.
Isn’t it cool to have iPhone, Windows XP, Windows7, Android and Wii interface at the same time on your Nokia? I think no one will deny this. And MyPhone is just can do more than a UI as themes could. You can use the iStyle SMS …

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[12 Mar 2010 | 15 Comments | ]

Here we get the winners of MyPhone v2.50 contest. We got 169 vaild  comments this time and  from those participants we randomly selected the 10 winners with
The winners will receive an email notification soon to asked for your IMEI number in order to activate your MyPhone. Here we only show you the name/nickname of the winners.

1. M.Alaa
2. Greg
3. ORiOn
4. KK
5. viswesh
6. Xibal
7. Martin
8. kristaps
9. Marco
10. Vpuik
We would like to thank MMMOOO for sponsoring this contest offering the MyPhone application for S60 and all of you who participated and made this contest …

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[5 Mar 2010 | 196 Comments | ]

Here’s our first contest this year! MyPhone’s developer, MMMOOO gives us a great gift from Shanghai. We get 10 copies of MyPhone & MyPhone Theme this time. Cheers!
If you don’t know MyPhone yet, never mind, you can read our previews review of MyPhone here. MMMOOO has just released MyPhone v2.50 couples days ago.  The key changelog in the new version are,

Calendar list function, a clear way to read your schedule
Translate function.
Archery game, a game for you to kill the time.

Other features of MyPhone are,

Fully emulate MyPhone UI in …

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[24 Feb 2010 | One Comment | ]

Back from CNY, MMMOOO brings the new version of MyPhone, v2.50 to us. As you have known, MyPhone can simulate the iPhone UI on your Nokia 5800 XM. But the new MyPhone can do more than this. The guys at MMMOOO gives MyPhone lots of useful functions to make it more powerful such as realtime clock icon, RSS reader, games, Bubble SMS Thread. And a Calendar list and a translation functions are added in this version.

The Changelog in v2.50 is:

Add calendar list function, a clear way to read your schedule

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[18 Dec 2009 | 26 Comments | ]

And now we have the list of the 10 winners of the MyPhone Contest. We got 192 valid comments and from those participants we randomly selected the 10 winners with
Only 10 of those 192 are able to activate with us the MyPhone Application and they will be contacted by e-mail asking the IMEI of theirs phones to activate the MyPhone and showing the steps to activate it. An e-mail will be sent to all the 10 winners with the printscreen from containing the name of each winner. (The email is hide) …

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[10 Dec 2009 | 225 Comments | ]

It has been a long time since our last contest. Now we’re back with 10 20 copies of MyPhone. Thanks to the folks at MMMOOO offering this opportunity to share such a nice app on our Nokia 5800 XM. In case you don’t know about MyPhone yet, you can read our previous reviews about MyPhone.

Exclusive: MyPhone updated to v2.40.
Exclusive: MyPhone v2.3 application preview

So this time you would be one of the ten lucky guys to own a MyPhone for free on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
To join the contest and …

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[20 Nov 2009 | One Comment | ]

Our friend at MMMOOO just tell me that their star product, MyPhone has updated to v2.40 today, and we are the first site to launch this news as well.
We’ve introduced MyPhone several times at our blog. In the newest version, MyPhone is not only a simple launcher interface any more, but also a game platform. Two games are from MMMOOO, Memo Deduction and Memo Mosaic are embedded in MyPhone now. You can enjoy both nice functionality and entertainment with the nice app.
The new function speed dial is very easy to use. Just like …

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[17 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]

The great folks at MMMOOO just informed that they have gone berserk with their latest and greatest applications. They are giving whopping discounts on the MyPhone application that has changed the way we use our Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone.
Features include a fully emulated MyPhone UI in outlook, move icons, changes icon, worldwide weather, RSS Reader with seamlessly reading data method, SMS and Call notifier, Customized wallpapers, MMMOOO Premium Service, Sketchpad (only for S60 5th os), alternative List Mode (only for S60 5th os) and Auto-lock (only for S60 5th …

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[2 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]

At Nokia N97 blog we got the MyPhone v2.3 application for Nokia N97 and 5800, symbian s60 5th Edition for preview. It hasn’t been yet released but was already previewed by the folks from our sister blog. Simply have a look to this application and to it’s new functions like the autostart. Indeed, great work from the folks at MMMOOO!
Below are the New Features of the MyPhone 2.3:
1. Supports autolaunched when power on;
2. Redesigned to fast speed and loading, you can set the standby function on or off
3. Crazy share, …

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[26 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]

…I don’t know. The folks from MMMOOO allowed us to extend this discount of 30% until they remove it from the web. I was expecting only 1 week of discount, but it seems that you will be able to get this MyPhone v2.2 application for 8,99$ for some more time, it can be one day, 2 days or 3, only they know and have not revealed, so if you are thinking in buying MyPhone application for your Nokia 5800 try to get it now for a cheaper price.
Well, I must …