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Finally: MyPhone Contest Winners

18 December 2009Entry by 26 Comments

MyPhone on Nokia 5800And now we have the list of the 10 winners of the MyPhone Contest. We got 192 valid comments and from those participants we randomly selected the 10 winners with

Only 10 of those 192 are able to activate with us the MyPhone Application and they will be contacted by e-mail asking the IMEI of theirs phones to activate the MyPhone and showing the steps to activate it. An e-mail will be sent to all the 10 winners with the printscreen from containing the name of each winner. (The email is hide) Below, you are only able to see the names/nicknames of the 10 winners:

1) JaneP

2) Martina

3) Kncha

4) Von

5) sepoliur

6) Dani

7) Sven Livesey

8) ProGunNL

9) victor

10) tanveer

We would like to thank MMMOOO for sponsoring this contest offering the MyPhone application for S60 and all of you who participated and made this contest the most competitive as it could be. If you missed the prize this time, you could always try MyPhone here or purchase it. And the MyPhone contest at our sister site, is still alive. If you missed this time, you can click here to join the contest there.