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News: Ovi Suite 3.0 Beta is out! (Our review to follow soon)

27 November 2010Entry by 4 Comments

A brand new door has now loomed before us. In a few days, the door will open, and take us to newer vistas, never seen before.  You’ll see colours like you’ve seen never before, and music like you’ve never heard.

Confused? Wondering what on earth are we talking about? Put simply, we wanted to say that Nokia has released the beta version of their Ovi Suite 3.0, which takes pretty significant strides ahead of it’s predecessor. The wordplay above was based on the fact that ‘Ovi’ in Finnish means ‘Door’ – rather cool, right?

Coming to our point, the Ovi Suite 3.0 brings several new improvements to the table, which includes a new and revamped homescreen, cooler integration with Ovi Store and other Ovi services, and above all, lesser hassles and annoyances to face while installing, syncing and downloading maps. Having the Ovi Store aboard is indeed commendable, and so is the tighter integration with other Ovi services like Mail and Music. The new homescreen looks cool, sporting much more than the four plain sections that the current version has. But the most appreciable feature in our opinion would the improvements in the Map and Sync applications – these features in the Ovi Suite 2 has quite a share of holes in it, and 3 out of 4 times, on thing or the other goes wrong.

What’s new in Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0

The official features list that came right from Nokia read as follows:

A new Home view

  • Get quick access to your content and to sync
  • View recommended apps and games from Ovi Store
  • View recommended music from Ovi Music
  • Receive notifications to update your phone software and to back up your phone
  • Connect to the internet without a fixed connection or WLAN

Introducing Ovi Music

  • Get full control of playback
  • Discover and download your favourites from the millions of tracks available on Ovi
  • Drag music to and from your phone
  • Have access to your Ovi Music Unlimited account
  • Get all the features you need in Nokia Ovi Suite – no need for a separate player

Other improvements

  • Experience the faster and simpler installation
  • Delete individual maps from your phone, download maps with greater reliability
  • Enjoy improvements to syncing and stability

Well, that’s pretty alluring a list, ain’t it? Hang on while we check the deal out and bring you a full review – in the meantime, you may check out the beta version yourself, which you’ll find on the Nokia Betalabs website.