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Nokia App: Rotary Dialer Touch

11 November 2009Entry by 2 Comments

Call them the "old school" way

Call them the "old school" way

Back in the days when the telephone had a wire connected to the wall and another wire connected from the unit to the receiver, life was simpler. The telephone has a rotary dialer. Thus, the term “dialing” comes to mind simply because you had to turn the dial around while choosing a number from zero (0) to nine (9). I took awhile to call a 1-800 number unlike today. But those phones are now part of the museum. We are now plagued with touch tone push button phones that help us to easier call people.

But if you want to have a trip back to memory lane using your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, you can. Thanks to this wonderful application from OffScreen Technologies called the Rotary Dialer Touch

What is the Rotary Dialer Touch?

The Rotary Dialer Touch is an application that mimics the capabilities of the traditional rotary phone.

When you launch the application, you will be greeted by a nicely crafted graphical representation of the old rotary phone. In the middle of the screen is the dial itself with the numbers from zero (0) to nine (9).

At the upper left corner, you will see a big “I” which will pop the “About Us” window. At the upper right corner, you will see a big “X” which obviously ends the application. In the middle is a “reset” icon which erases the numbers you have dialed.

How to use the Rotary Dialer Touch?

Just take your finger and point it on the hole of the chosen number. Then, spin the dialer until you reach the little hook. Then, let go and the dialer will return to its natural place. You will now notice the number you dialed is displayed in a glorified text box. Continue dialing the number.

Surprise! Surprise!

Just when you thought that this application is just a simulation, think again. The Rotary Dialer application activates the call feature of your phone and lets you call the number you just dialed.

Upon finishing the dialing, wait for a few seconds and the call will begin.

My Take on the Rotary Dialer Touch

The Rotary Dialer gives you a glimpse of how communication was three decades ago. With the birth of the push-button and touch tone phones, we have somehow forgotten how the rotary phones work especially for those who did not actually use one.

Nothing beats the real thing but this is the closest you can get now.

The application is very responsive. You just have to make sure that you rotate on the right number. I like the surprise feature that you can make calls from it. It just takes more time to do so since you have to dial the number without any access to your phone’s contact list. Plus, there are no text capabilities here. Hello? Text messaging didn’t exist during the rotary days. Why have it now?

My Verdict on Rotary Dialer

I like the concept of this application. But as to the use, I don’t know if there are any practical uses. It’s a nice to have phone application that you can show to your friends. Download it. It’s for FREE.

The Rotary Dialer Touch application can be downloaded for FREE at the Ovi Store Just register to access the site and download this application straight to your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone. Be sure to install the Ovi Store Application in your phone and search for it there.

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